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Tsarskoye Selo, 5 hours

Tsarskoye Selo is a small village located 25 km from Saint Petersburg. It was a summer Residence of  the imperial family from the days of Peter the Great until the time of the last tsar, Nicolas II. The second name of residence is Puchkin (since 1918) in honour of Great Russian poet. Many Russian and foreigner filmsabout history and governors of Russia had been turned in Tsarskoe Selo. One of main sights is a Catherine Palace. 

Luxury interiors of Catherine Palace had been created by project of famous architects: Rastrelli, Kameron, Stasov, Manegetti. The collection of Palace includes many unique examples of arts and crafts furniture, porcelain, paintings, statues, personal things of the Russian emperors and members of their families. One of the most well-known interiors of the Catherine Palace is the Amber room. During excursion you`ll learn about a mysterious history of disappearance of the Amber room and will see interiors which had been recreated by professional and outstanding restores of the present. You`ll have a possibility to walk in beautiful park of Tsarkoye Selo.

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