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Sights of Siberia

Baikal lake
Baikal is the deepest lake that contains 20% of all fresh water in the world. It is the biggest natural reservoir of fresh water on the planet. Local dwellers call Baikal “the sea” because of its size and severe temper.
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Lena River
Lena is one of 3 great Siberian rivers along with Enisei and Ob rivers. Its source is 10 km from Baikal. It flows in permafrost zone to the Arctic Ocean for 4000 km.
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Lena Pillars
Lena Pillars are rocks along Lena river banks in Yakutia. Height of pillars is up to 220 m. One can see Lena Pillars on a cruise from Yakutsk to Arctic Ocean.
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Lena Cheeks
Lena Cheeks (Schyoki) is a canyon on Lena river that is formed by high rocks along narrow river bed of Lena river in Yakutia. Rocks are 200 m high. Their colour is copper red. The sound of vessel’s horn echoes up to 24 times here.
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Polar circle. Tiksi
Tiksi town is the northernmost settlement in Yakutia. It is located on Lena river bank inside the Polar circle. As it is an arctic port of Russia and one of points of Nothern Sea Route, foreigners should have a permit to visit it.
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Yenisei river
Yenisei is one of three great Siberian rivers along with Lena and Ob. It is a natural border between Western and Eastern Siberia. Its length is 3500 km, it flows into the Arctic Ocean.
Cruises on Yenisei start in Krasnoyarsk or in Norilsk.
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Krasnoyarsk Pillars
Krasnoyarsk pillars (Stolby) is a natural reserve in spurs of Eastern Sayan Mountains. Pillars are separately standing rocks and huge boulders. Many of them have their names – First pillar, Fears, Old man. Stolbism as a separate kind climbing was formed on Pillars.
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Putorana Pleteau
Putorana Plateau is a mountainous area on the north of Krasnoyarsk region. Its area of 250 000 km2 is equal to Great Britain’s one. There are no towns or villages but many lakes, waterfalls and canyons.
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Cascade of Hydroelectric power stations on Angara and Enisei rivers
The cascade includes 7 stations: Irkutskaya, Bratskaya, Ust-Ilimskaya and Boguchanskaya stations on Angara river, Krasnoyarskaya (in Divnogorsk town), Mainskaya (near Maina settlement) and Sayano-Shushenskaya (in Sayanogorsk town) on Yenisei.
All the cascade produces an average 105,6 billion kWh a year or 10,5% of total consumption of electricity in Russia.
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Ivolginsky datsan
Ivolginsky datsan is the biggest Buddhist Monastery in Russia, centre of Buddhist traditional Sangha of Russia, residence of Khambo lama. Here is Buddhist University “Dashi Choinkhorling”, library, several temples. In one temple the body of 12th Hambo lama Itigelov is kept.
Visit Ivolginsky Datsan

Teletskoe lake
This lake is located on the border of Altai Mountains and West Sayan Mountains on the south of Siberia, Russia. Lake water is very pure. Many rivers flow into the lake as waterfalls. The only rever that flows out the lake is Biya.

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