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About Krasnoyarsk

Krasnoyarsk is the administrative center of Krasnoyarsk Krai of Russia, and the third largest city in Siberia with the population of 927200 people (2007). Krasnoyarsk is located 4096 km from Moscow at the river Yenisei and it is an important junction on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Krasnoyarsk was founded in July of 1628 as a Russian border fort. The group of people led by the Cossack Andrey Dubenskoy arrived to the confluence of the Kacha River with the Yenisei River and constructed fortifications intended to protect the frontier from attacks of native peoples who lived along Yenisei and its tributaries. The fort had been named "Krasny Yar") after the local Turkic name of the place it was built by: "Kyzyl Yar", meaning "Red Ore" or "Krasny Yar" in Old Russian. The name "Krasnoyarsk" was later given when the village of Krasnyy Yar had received town status. An intensive growth of Krasnoyarsk began with the arrival of the Moscow Postroad (the road M53 nowadays) in 1735 to 1741 which connected the nearby towns of Achinsk and Kansk with Krasnoyarsk and with the rest of Russia. Growth continued with the discovery of gold and the arrival of a railroad in 1895.

After the Russian Revolution of 1917 during the periods of centralized planning (pyatiletkas) numerous large plants and factories were constructed in Krasnoyarsk: Sibtyazhmash, the dock yard, the paper factory, the hydroelectric power station (now the fifth largest in the world and the second in Russia), and the river port. In 1934, the second largest Russian administrative division, Krasnoyarsk Krai, was formed. Krasnoyarsk was established as the administrative center. During World War II dozens of factories were evacuated from Ukraine and Western Russia to Krasnoyarsk and nearby towns, stimulating the industrial growth of the city. After the war additional large plants were constructed: the aluminum plant, the metallurgic plant, the plant of base metals and many others.

Today there are more than 150 enterprises here exporting their products to dozens of countries all over the world. Krasnoyarsk possesses a high level of scientific potential: there are more than 50 academicians and associates of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 47 research and development institutes, 12 higher educational institutions. Nowadays Krasnoyarsk is a rich cultural center. There are 8 theaters, 5 museums, 100 public libraries, 67 clubs and culture houses. 

Krasnoayrsk is very beautiful city, there are many historical buildings of different centuries, monuments, museums, fountains, squares. The most popular place of attraction for tourists visiting Krasnoyarsk is the huge national nature reserve Stolby or the Rock Pillars. Stolby covers an area of 470 km² with numerous giant granite rocks formations up to 100 meters high, many of very extraordinary shapes. Stolby is also a major rock climbing location, many local climbers intentionally do not use any belaying equipment and call their extreme sport "stolbizm", which is known around the world as solo climbing. Other popular showplaces include the Krasnoyarsk Hydroelectric Power Station dam, the Karaulnaya Gora hill with the Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Chapel, museums, theaters, etc.

We invite you to visit Krasnoyarsk and its region – one of the most attractive regions in Russia, you`ll have a chance to see beautiful and historical monuments of the old city and to learn about the natural environment of the region

Krasnoyarsk Gallery

Excursions in Krasnoyarsk

City tour of Krasnoyarsk, 2,5 hours

During excursion you`ll know history of Krasnoyarsk, you`ll visit the place of city foundation. The guide`ll tell you about outstanding people who lived in Krasnoyarsk: painter Vasily Sourikov, writer Viktor Astafiev, opera singer Dmitry Khvorostovsky.

Excursion to the Krasnoyarsk Local Lore museum, 1,5 hours

The Local Lore museum of Krasnoyarsk is the oldest museum of Siberia and Russia. It was founded in 1889 by U.P. Matveev – a representative of the intelligentsia and was opened after total reconstruction in 2001. This museum is a pearl of Siberia, it’s the best museum among historical and ethnographic museums in Russia. 

Excursion to Divnogorsk with visit to the Krsanoyasrk Hydroelectric Power Station, 3,5 hours

The guests who arrive in Krasnoyarsk admire the mighty Yenissei and the boundless taiga situated near the city. The river is formed by the confluence of the Big and the Small Yenisei in the Tuva Republic. The Yenisei is 3 487 kilometers long. The river basin area is 2 580 000 square meters. This is the fullest river in Russia, the average water outlay reaches 19 800 cubic meters per second.

Excursion to Stolby Nature Reserve, 6 hours

It is often said in Krasnoyarsk: “If you have been to the city but didn’t visit the Stolby Mountains you didn’t really see the heart of the city or its soul”. This fascinating excursion will take you to the famous Stolby (Pillars) reserve, which is located not far from Krasnoyarsk on the right bank of the Yenisei river. Its total area is 47 000 hectares. You will pass by rocks of whimsical forms named - Lion Gates, The Old Man, The Miter, Feathers, Takmak. Altogether there are 100 of them; some rocks reach 100 m in height.

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