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Some tips for travelers

Before the departure

You have to apply the Russian Federation Consulate for getting a visa. You can learn more information about getting of Visa conditions at a Russian Consulate in your country. 

On arriving to Russia

If you prefer to stay at someone’s home, you have to register your visa (that is your stay in Russia) on your own or with the help of the organization that have invited you within 7 days from the moment of crossing the border. If you are staying at a hotel, the hotel will register your visa. Travelers who do not have their visas registered are required to pay fines when they attempt to exit Russia. Besides you may have problems with local authorities during the stay in Russia, as your stay will be considered illegal. 

Migration card 

Migration card is an official and important document during your travel in Russia, it’s recommended not to lose it. You will get the migration card either in the plane or at the airport of arrival. You will have to state the dates of your trip and the name of the inviting organization in the migration card. You will need the migration card for visa registration. 

Money and payments

While traveling in Russia you can use VISA, MAESTRO, MASTER CARD and other credit cards. There are cashpoints at airports, hotels, large shops and in the streets. It’s better to change money at hotels or banks. It’s possible to changes both Euros and dollars. 1 Euro is 68.8 rubles and 1 dollar is 63.1 rubles (the information for October, 2016). You can pay buy credit card or in cash rubles at shops, cafes, and restaurants. Travel cheques and bank cheques are not common in Russia. 

Important documents

During sightseeing tours and walks around a city don’t take your passport or big amounts of cash with you. It’s enough to have just copies of your passport, visa and migration card with the registration of stay. You can leave your passport and money in your hotel room safe or at the hotel reception. 


Thefts of tourists belonging do take place, so please be attentive and careful at railway stations, in trains, at airports, at markets, in shops, in the transport and in other crowded places. In case of losing any valuable things or money you have to apply to the nearest police office. 

Public transport

You can use the public transport but don’t take a taxi in the street, it’s better to order a taxi by phone. 


There are taiga ticks carrying Lyme disease in Siberian forests, especially near Lake Baikal (the Circumbaikal Railway, Listvyanka village, Bolshiye Koty village). Ticks are active in May and June, in the rest of the time their activity is lower. Please, pay special attention to your clothes during your travels in May and June. It’s necessary to wear trousers and shirts, long-sleeve jumpers during walks in the forest. You can buy special sprays or creams against ticks at a chemist’s, it’s also effective. You shouldn’t be afraid of ticks, just take all the precaution measures and be attentive.

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