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Classical Transsiberian Railway trip

16 days / 15 nights

Transsiberian railway is the longest railway of the world, it stretches for 9289 km from Moscow to Vladivostok and 8000 km from Moscow to Beijing. This railway joins main cities and regions of Siberia and Far East with Central Russia. The road crosses 8 time zones and 6 climatic zones. During your trip you`ll discover the cities with rich history and enjoy exceptional landscapes.

Season all year round 2018
Dates any dates you prefer
Itinerary Moscow – Ekaterinburg – Novosibirsk – Irkutsk – Khabarovsk – Vladivostok
Number of people in a group from 2 persons


  1. Day 1 MOSCOW
    Arrival in Moscow. Meeting by local guide, transfer to the hotel Izmailovo Vega. 
  2. Day 2 MOSCOW
    Breakfast. City tour of Moscow with visit to the Kremlin and its Cathedrals. You`ll start excursion at the Red Square to visit Moscow Kremlin, the mausoleum of Lenin, Saint Basil`s Cathedral, Annunciation Cathedral. Visit to the Novodevichy Convent and its cemetery - a remarkable example of XVI century`s architecture, it is one of the most beautiful Moscow Convent. There are graves of Gogol, Stanislavski, Bulgagov, Chekhov and other Russian celebrities at this cemetery. Return to the hotel. Free time.
  3. Day 3 MOSCOW – departure to EKATERINBURG 
    Breakfast. Excursion to the Kolomenskoye village, an ancient and favourite residence of Russian Tsars and Princes. Peter the Great was born and spent his childhood here. Now it is a museum in the open air located in Podmoskovie (not far from Moscow). At the territory of this museum you`ll see the Ascension church of XVI century built in Russian style of old time, the Kazanskaya church of XVII century – a summer residence of Aleksey Romanov. Transfer to the railway station. 
    16.50 Departure by train n° 16 to Ekaterinburg in the compartment of 1 st or 2 d class 
    (time on the road is 25,25 hours and distance is 1668 km).  
    All day is in the train crossing nice landscapes: the deep forests of Western Russia, the mountains of the Ural, the Volga and Kama rivers. Meals are not included. 
    20.11 Arrival in Ekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk), located at the center of the region, in the middle of Ural mountains which extended on 2000 km from the North to the South. 
    Meeting by local guide and transfer to the hotel Guru 
     (15 minutes from city center) 
  5. Day  5 EKATERINBURG – departure to NOVOSIBIRSK 
    Breakfast. City tour with visit to the central part of the city: wide embankments, buildings of XVII-XIX centuries, the Historical Square which was a place of city formation, Square of Russian Army and Square of Komsomol, Residence of the former president of Russia – B. Eltsin. Excursion to the border of Europe and Asia. If you arrive in Ekaterinburg you need to put one foot in Europe and the other in Asia. During excursion you`ll understand why this border was established in Ural mountains, you`ll enjoy beautiful landscapes of Ural nature, you`ll visit the Obelisk of Europe and Asia border at the gorge of the mountain Berezovaya. Return  to the city, free time.
    Transfer to the railway station.
    21.01 Departure by train n° 26 to Novosibirsk in the compartment of 1 st or 2 d class
    (time on the road is 19,39 hours and distance is 1525 km).  
  6. Day 6 NOVOSIBIRSK  
    All day in the train. Meals are not included.
    18.40 Arrival in Novosibirsk. Meeting by local guide and transfer to the hotel Novosibirsk.
  7. Day  7 NOVOSIBIRSK – departure to IRKUTSK 
    Breakfast. City tour of Novosibirsk, one of the biggest Russian cities. According to the population Novosibirsk takes a third places after Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Novosibirsk is called Capital of Western Siberia. It is an administrative, cultural and scientific center. You`ll visit all main sights of the city: Lenin Square where the Ballet and Opera Theatre is located, Dramatic Theatre, Ascension Cathedral, Railway station, Krasny Prospect – a main avenue of the city and many other monuments. After boat trip on Ob river you`ll go to the Akademgorodok located 40 km from Novosibirsk which has 40 Institutes and Academy of Sciences. You`ll visit the first scientific city of Russia, the Geology museum which has a collection of Siberian minerals, the objects of precious stones and the museum of trains in the open air where you will see about 60 locomotives built in the XX century and learn about the history of Transsiberian Railroad. Return to Novosibirsk. Free time. 
    00.00 Transfer to the railway station.
  8. Day  8 IN THE TRAIN
    01.26 Departure by train n° 02 / 08 to Irkutsk in the compartment of 1 st or 2 d class (time on the road is 29,47 hours and distance is 1850 km). 
    All day is in the train. Meals are not included. During this trip you can discover small Siberian towns and villages, taiga forest, valleys, the rivers Ob and Yenissey. During stops at villages and small towns you can buy at the platform patties, berries, ice-cream, apples, cedar nuts and other products.
  9. Day 9 IRKUTSK 
    07.32 Arrival in Irkutsk. Meeting by local guide and transfer to the hotel Viktoria . Breakfast at hotel restaurant and rest in your room.
    City tour of Irkutsk. More then 300 years Irkutsk is located at the south of lake Baikal and peoples living this city are proud of this situation. Irkutsk has a historical and cultural heritage. Because of its property Irkutsk is called Siberian Paris. About 600 thousands of inhabitants live in Irkutsk. It is an administrative, industrial, economic and scientific center with 10 thousands of enterprises, a branch of Scientific Academy, big chain of Institutes, Universities, libraries, historical, architectural, archaeological monuments, museums, theatres. 
    During city tour you`ll see Kirov Square (main square of the city), Lenin monument, embankment of the Angara river, the only one river flows from lake Baikal, Znamensky Monastery, Lenin and Karl Marks main streets of Irkutsk where you`ll see many ancient wooden buildings with handmade decorations. 
    Excursion to the Decembirst`s museum, Volkonsky house to see things of Decembrists and learn about their life in Siberia. Return to the hotel. 
  10. Day 10 BAIKAL lake – LISTVIANKA 
    Breakfast. Full day excursion to Listvianka village, to the lake Baikal, the deepest lake of the world, situated 70 km from Irkutsk. On the road visit to the museum of wooden architecture Taltsy in the open air to learn about the life style of Siberian who lived in different epochs, you`ll visit also a real buryat ger in this museum. Arrival in Listvianka village, stop at the observation platform to see the famous Shaman Rock and listen to the beautiful legend about lake Baikal and his daughter – the Angara river. Lunch at local restaurant `Last Century` to taste lake Baikal fish – omul. After lunch excursion to the Baikal museum where exhibits reflect the history of the lake, its flora and fauna, geological structure and climate of Pribaikalie. Visit to the Mountain Chersky by chair lift where on the top you can admire the beautiful view to the south part of lake Baikal and source of Angara river. Walking tour at the village Krestovka with visit to the Saint Nicolas church. Return to Irkutsk. 
  11. Day 11  IRKUTSK – departure to KHABAROVSK  
    Early breakfast. Transfer to the railway. 
    07.57 departure by train n° 02/08 to Khabarovsk in the compartment of 1 st or 2 d class 
    (time on the road is 57,01 hours and distance is 3340 km).  All day in the train. Meals are not included.
  12. Day 12 IN THE TRAIN 
    All day in the train. Meals are not included. During this trip you`ll see different regions: Buryatia, region of Chita, Amoursky region, region of Khabarovsk. 
  13. Day 13 KHABAROVSK 
    All day in the train. Meals are not included. 
    17.40 Arrival in Khabarovsk. Meeting by local guide and transfer to the hotel Inturist . 
  14. Day 14 KHABAROVSK – departure to VLADIVOSTOK 
    Breakfast. City tour of Khabarovsk, a scientific, cultural and tourist center of Russian Far East. During city tour you`ll see main Square of Khabarovsk, the railway station, the embankment of the Amur river, the cliff with panoramic view. Excursion to the National Park `Khekhzir` located 48 km from Khabarovsk and near the Chinese border. You`ll have a possibility to see the water Russian-Chinese border, walk in the forest and visit the exposition devoted to the flora and fauna of the region. Return to Khabarovsk and transfer to the railway station.
    21.00 Departure by train n° 6 to Vladivostok in the compartment of 1 st or 2 d class 
    (time on the road is 11,01 hours and distance is 766 km)
  15. Day 15 VLADIVOSTOK  
    07.00 Arrival in Vladivostok. Meeting by local guide and transfer to the hotel Primorye . After breakfast at the hotel restaurant city tour of Vladivostok, the biggest coastal city located on the hills. You`ll climb to the panoramic platform `Eagle`s nest`, the highest point of the city (214 m), you`ll visit main Square of the city, the monument to the sailors of the Commercial Fleet died during Great Patriotic War, Lutheran church of Saint Paul, submarine C 56, the street of the admiral Fokine with its nice fountains. Excursion to the Oceanarium to discover its collection of the fauna and the flora of the Pacific Ocean. Return to the hotel, check in. 
  16. Day 16 Departure from VLADIVOSTOK
    Breakfast. Transfer to the airport. Departure from Vladivostok.

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