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Baikal Odissey on Imperia ship, 8 days

8 days / 7 nights
Lake Baikal cruise is one of the most exciting trips. It is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the main attractions of Baikal. You will visit the most beautiful bays, gulfs, and islands that can be reached only by water.

Itinerary Listvyanka – Olkhon Island – Ushkany islands – Chivyrkuy Gulf – Frolikha lake – Davsha – Peschanaya bay – Listvyanka
Dates July 08-15, July 31 - August 07, August 28 - September 04, 2019
Cruise ships Imperia ship


  1. Day 1
    13:00 Meet with a guide at Irkutsk hotel (Gagarin Boulevard, 44).
    Boarding a bus. Transfer from Irkutsk to Listvyanka settlement.
    Excursion to the Baikal museum (luggage is delivered to the ship).
    Boarding a ship. Meeting the crew. Safety measures briefing.
    Welcoming luncheon.
    Departure to Ogoi Island. Dinner on board. Evening program.
  2. Day 2
    Arrival in Ogoi Island.
    Breakfast on board.
    Disembarking by boats (30-40 min).
    Excursion to the Buddhist Stupa.
    Return to the ship. Embarking by boats (40-60 min). Departure to Khuzhir, Olkhon Island.
    Free time aboard.
    Lunch aboard.
    Arrival in Khuzhir, Olkhon Island. Disembarking by boats (30-40 min). The guests ashore.
    Visit to Sacred Shamanka Rock. Visit to the local lore museum (optional).
    Return to the ship. Embarking by boats (30-40 min).
    Dinner on board. Free time. Departure to the Ushkany Islands (Baikal seals rookery).
  3. Day 3
    Arrival in the Ushkany Islands. Optional visit to a rookery (payment in cash on spot).
    Breakfast on board.
    Departure to Zmeinaya Bay, Chivyrkuisky Gulf, Zabaikalsky National Park.
    Arrival in Zmeinaya Bay, Chivyrkuisky Gulf. Disembarking by boats (30-40 min).
    Guests ashore. Bathing in springs is optional. Embarking by boats (30-40 min).
    Lunch on board.
    Disembarking by boats. Guests ashore. Swimming in Lake Baikal.
    Dinner on board.
    Departure to Frolikha lake, Aya-ya Bay (Frolikha reserve).
  4. Day 4
    Breakfast on board.
    Disembarking by boats (30-40 min).
    Trekking on a path to Frolikha lake. Trail length is 7 km. Trail difficulty – easy.
    Picnic with taiga tea boiled on campfire (lunch-boxes are taken from the ship).
    Way back to the ship.
    Embarking by boats (30-40 min). Departure to Davsha village (Barguzinsky Nature Reserve).
    Dinner on board.
    Free time. Sauna on board.
  5. Day 5
    Arrival in Davsha.
    Breakfast on board.
    Disembarking by boats (30-40 min).
    Visit to the nature museum.
    Picnic on the shore with a taiga tea boiled on campfire (lunch boxes are taken from the ship).
    Trekking from Davsha to the South Birakan river mouth guided by representative of the Barguzinsky Nature Reserve. Trail length – 2 km. Trail difficulty - easy.
    Embarking by boats (40-60 min). Departure to Uzury, Olkhon Island.
    Dinner on board.
  6. Day 6
    Arrival in Uzury.
    Breakfast on board.
    Disembarking by boats (40-60 min).
    The ship departs to Khuzhir (no guests on board).
    Automobile tour “Places of power” to Khoboy Cape (UAZ minivans).
    Lunch-boxes are taken from the ship.
    Route: Uzury - Shunte (Left) Cape – Khoboy Cape – Sagan-Khushun Cape (Three Brothers Rock) – Peschanaya (Sandy) Valley - Khuzhir.
    Length – 100 km. Route difficulty – easy.
    Embarking by boats (40- 60 min).
    Dinner on board. Departure to Peschanaya Bay. Free time.
  7. Day 7
    Arrival in Peschanaya Bay.
    Breakfast on board.
    Excursion to Babushka Bay. Do not forget to have swimsuits with you.
    Lunch on board. Optional excursion to Observation Rock.
    Russian bath with herbal tea on the shore.
    Captain’s dinner. Party dress code.
    Free time. Departure to Listvyanka.
  8. Day 8
    The ship arrives in Listvyanka.
    Breakfast on board.
    10:00 Landing in Listvyanka. End of the cruise.
    11:00 Transfer from Listvianka to Irkutsk, hotel “Irkutsk”.

    Please note:
    1. We can’t guarantee presence of Baikal seals on the rookery of Ushkany Islands;
    2. Please, ask your doctor if it’s safe for you to take baths in Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate Springs that contain fluoride. Water smells and tastes hydrogen sulphide. Spring temperatures range from + 32 to + 45 °C.

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Price per peson in RUB 2019

Single cabin (upper deck) 99000
Double cabin (upper deck) 109500
Twin cabin (main deck) 99000
Twin cabin (lower deck) 93000
Twin cabin (lower deck), next to engine-room 85000
 Double cabin for single use  164000
 Twin cabin for single use (main deck) 148750 
 Twin cabin for single use (lower deck) 137000
 Double De luxe (upper and lower deck) 120000 
 Double De luxe (main deck) 135000 
 De luxe for single use (upper and lower deck) 18000 
 De luxe for single use (main deck) 200000 

What is included:
Full board
Transfers from Irkutsk to Listvyanka and back
Excursions with a professional guide
Permits of National parks (exept for Ushkan islands)

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