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About Khabarovsk

Khabarovsk is the administrative center and the largest city of Khabarovsk Krai. It is located  30 km from the Chinese border. Khabarovsk is the second largest city in the Russian Far East, after Vladivostok.

The city became the administrative center of the Far Eastern Federal District of Russia in 2002. Population: 577,345 (2008). The city lies at the confluence of the Amur and Ussuri Rivers, about 800 kilometers north of Vladivostok and is accessible from there by an overnight train running along the Trans-Siberian railway. Rail distance from Moscow is 8,523 km.

The city was founded in 1858 as a military outpost named Khabarovka, after a Russian explorer Yerofei Khabarov who founded in 1649 first russian settlement on the Amur river. The post later became an important industrial center for the region. In 1880 Khabarovka received the status of city, and in 1884 it officially became the capital of the Priamurskoye General-Governorship. Only in 1893 the city was given its current name of Khabarovsk.

With very good situation at the confluence of the Amur and Ussuri rivers and the construction of Transsiberian Railroad the city began to develop very quickly. In 1894, a department of Russian Geographical Society was formed in Khabarovsk and began initiating the foundation of libraries, theaters, and museums in the city. Since then, Khabarovsk's cultural life has flourished. Since 1938 Khabarovsk began the center of Khabarovsky Krai.

Now Khabarovsk is one of the largest and beautiful cities of Russian Far East. It is also an industrial, transport, cultural and scientific center of the Far East. The city has about 100 enterprises of mechanical engineering, metal working, food, easy industries and other branches. The city is the largest transport knot of Far East region. The Khabarovsk railway junction is the biggest in the region. River port is one of the largest on the Amur river.  Khabarovsk is a cultural centre. There are 4 museums, 4 professional theatres, many creative organizations, the union of writers, of composers, of artists. 

We invite you in Khabarovsk to enjoy walking tour at the broad Amursky Boulevard with its many vibrant shops and perhaps visit the local market or walking tour from the Lenin Square to Utes via Muravyov-Amursky Street, where you can find traditional Russian cuisine restaurants and shops with souvenirs. You can go to the Khetskir National Reserve where you can see the flora and fauna of the region or to the village Sikachi Alyan – ancient Nanaian village.

Khabarovsk Gallery

Excursions in Khabarovsk

City tour of Khabarovsk, 2,5 hours

During the city tour you`ll know history of Khabarovsk foundation and development, you`ll see old buildings and modern areas of the city, its monuments and memorial complexes. You`ll visit main sights of Khbarovsk walking at the oldest city area, in the historical downtown – Muravyev-Amursky street admiring the beautiful architecture that survived during the Civil War.

Visit to the Museum of Regional Studies after N.I. Grodekov, 1,5 hours

The Museum of Regional Studies was opened on the initiative of the Priamursky department of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society in 1894. After renovation Museum was re-opened in 1995. It was named after N.I. Grodekov – the honored citizen of Khabarovsk, the governor-general of the Priamursky Territory, the explorer and the active creator of the museum reserves. In 2000 the Khabarovsk Museum of Regional Studies has been given the status of the scientific institution and the title "The best museum of the year 2000".

Boat excursion, 1 hour

The main attraction of Khabarovsk has always been the Amur river, one of the longest rivers in Russia and the 8th longest river in the world. Its length is 4,440 km including 1,000 km within the Khabarovsky Krai, and 45 km within the city of Khabarovsk. The Amur river has become the symbol and the most popular post card object.

Excursion to the Khekhtsir Nature Reserve, 4 hours

Khekhtsir Nature Reserve was founded in 1963. It is located 48 km southwest of Khabarovsk, occupies territory of 451,25 square kilometers. The reserve is part of the Sikhote Alin Mountain Range stretching for 968 km with peaks up to 2,500-3,300 feet high. During excursion you`ll see the beautiful nature of the taiga. The guide will tell you about the local plants, trees, birds and animals of this Reserve.

Excursion to the Nanaj village Sikachi-Alyan, 7 hours

The history of the Far East is a part of the history of the native population in the area. Since the antiquity the lands of the river Amour, the coasts of the sea of Okhotsk and of the Peaceful Ocean were exploited by many ethnic groups: Nanaïtsi, Oultchi, Nivkhi, etc. Nowdays the Nanaïtsi live near Khabarovsk, in the village Cikatchi Alian. You will have the unique chance to visit a nanaï village, to know the Nanaj culture.

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