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From upper reaches of Lena to Yakutsk

Itinerary Ust-Kut Town - Lenskie Shyoky (cheeks) - Mirniy Town - Lena Pillars - Yakutsk
Dates 2022 05 - 14 June
Duration 10 Days, 9 Nights
Cruise ship «Demyan Bedny» passenger ship


  1. Day 1, June 05, 2022, Sunday
    Arrival in Ust-Kut. Boarding a ship.
    Ust-Kut was founded in 1631 by Siberian Cossacks.

    Mineral springs on the west of the town were reportedly discovered in 17th century and a spa was built at the site in 1925.
    In the early 20th century Ust-Kut served as a destination for political exiles.
    In 1951, the railway from Tayshet reached Ust-Kut. The town thus became the first and only river port on the Lena served by the railway and an important railhead through which cargoes could travel to and from the locations along the Lena, such as most of Yakutia.
    Ust-Kut remained the end of the line until 1974, when construction work started to extend the railway, now known as the Baikal–Amur Mainline, east toward Lake Baikal and beyond. The town became the headquarters of the construction of the western section of the BAM.
    Departure from Ust-Kut at 08:00 a.m.
  2. Day 2, June 06, 2022, Monday

    Arrival in Kirensk.
    Walking along the enbankment. City tour. Visiting the museum of local lore.
    Kirensk was founded in 1630 by the Cossacks as a winter settlement. Along with Ust-Kut, it was one of the two main portages between the Yenesei and Lena basins. In the 1630s, Cossacks ran a salt works here. In the 19th century, a large number of political prisoners were forcibly resettled here, among whom was Józef Piłsudski. Under Stalin there was a GULAG transit camp. During the construction of the Baikal–Amur Mainline, goods were shipped up the Kirenga to Magistralniy. 
    Stop is for 12 hours.
  3. Day 3, June 07, 2022, Tuesday
    Lenskie Shyoky (cheeks)
    Arrival in Lenskie Shyoky.  Rest on the riverside.
    Stop is for 12 hours.
    Lenskie Shyoky (cheeks) is one of the most beautiful and famous places of the upper Lena River. It is situated 172 km up from the Vitim River Estuary. These three pointy cliffs of 200 meters high are situated above the river and present a narrow canyon with sharp turnings. This is the narrowest place of the Lena, the span is less than 200 meters here. For navigation safety this length of the river is time-adjusted and has one-way movement. Lenskie Shyoky’s length is 3 km. In the end of the ravine there is the forth stone cliff called a Drunk Bull. As the saying goes, in the 19th century karbasses with alcohol crashed into the cliff. Ample quantity of alcohol was caught out by dwellers of the nearest Village called Bykovskaya, which later was renamed into Pyanobykovskaya village. 
    Lena cheeks due to their unique curves also create ideal conditions for a multiple echo.
  4. Day 4, June 08, 2022, Wednesday
    Vitim Village
    The ship goes up the Vitim river and returns on the Lena river.
    Excursion to the local school and its history museum.
    Stop is for 12 hours.
    Vitim is an urban-type settlement in the Lenskiy Region. The population is about 4,500 people. Vitim is situated on the Lena River’ left bank against the Vitim River Estuary. It is 3 kilometers far from the border with the Irkutskiy Region. Settlement was based in 1621. In 1863, after the opening of gold fields on the Bodaybinka Mountain River, Vitim became a staging area for the mine supply. Vitim supplied it by everything necessary for the gold production and prospectors’ artels sustainment. Here is a small airport and sawmill in the village.
  5. Day 5, June 09, 2022, Thursday
    Lensk – Mirniy – Lensk
    We'll have an opportunity to visit Mirniy, the Diamond Capital of Yakutia republic. This excursion is an optional and is available for an extra pay. Tourists will visit a famous Kimberlite Pipe called Mir, kimberlite museum, diamond sorting center, and "Diamonds of Yakutia" Nature Park. Boxed breakfast, lunch in a cafe.
    Stop is for 21 hours.
  6. Day 6, June 10, 2022, Friday 
    The Ura River Estuary
    Stop is for 7 hours
    The cliffs called Bell and Stone are shown beyond Chapaevo village where the Ura River makes its way from the gorge to the Lena River. River transport workers gave the river such a name because of its uncontrollable rage. There is a beautiful waterfall 10 kilometers far from this place. The waterfall’s height is 30 meters. The Ura River divides the Lena River into two equal parts from the headstream to the estuary. That’s why river transport workers called its estuary as Lenskiy Equator. They usually stop there to have a rest after a difficult northern campaign. Young sailors are initiated into river transport workers here. 
    From the side of the ship you can see picturesque panorama of the Lena and the Ura Rivers in the multicolor magnificence of Yakutian taiga. 
  7. Day 7, June 11, 2022, Saturday
    Arrival in Olyokminsk
    Excursionon a bus (church, chapel, eunuchs’ houses and milk factory). Visiting the local history museum.
    Stop is for 9 hours.
    The origin of Olyokma supposedly belongs to Olookhunai, the Evenk word, which means squirrel. Olyokminsk is an administrative center of Olyokminskiy Region. The distance from Yakutsk is 651 kilometers by land and 620 kilometers by water. Olyokminskiy Ostrog (Fortress) was founded by Yenisei Cossacks in 1635. Olyokminsk was the place of political exile and a shelter for gentiles of the Russian Orthodox Church. At the present time cattle breeding, the cultivation of a grain, potato, vegetables and feeding crops are determined the economic basis of the region. Forest, timber processing and food industry are well developed. Gypsum quarry is also working here. Main oil pipeline is passing along the territory of Olyokminsk region (317 km.). There are airport and river port in Olyokminsk. Its population is about 10,000 people. 

  8. Day 8, June 12, 2022, Sunday
    The Lena Pillars
    Welcoming ritual at Lena Pillars. Trekking up to the top. Taking pictures and selfies. Rest on the riverside.
    Stop is for 11 hours.
    The pillars are of 200 meters heigh and are stretched for 80 km along the river. One can distinguish colonnades, arches and battlements in their shapes. You will enjoy a wonderful rest in this fairyland. After having a welcome ceremony with ritual dance and Purifying with Fire Ceremony you are guided to rock massif. Up there one can experience unrenderable feelings. From the top of one of the towers you will get a grandiose view of the great river, endless taiga forest, rocks and sky of different color shades that makes a man feel himself a part of a virgin nature and the great Universe. 
    Stop is 6 hours.
  9. Day 9, June 13, 2022, Monday
    Druzhba museum - Sottintsy
    Excursion to Druzhba (Friendship) architecture open-air museum located on the place the first Yakutsk fortress was founded by the Russian Cossacks. The Museum presents samples of ancient wooden architecture in traditional Russian and Yakut styles. Expositions of wooden home utensils, national Yakut clothes and monuments of a Russian Orthodoxy are of great interest. Wonderful landscapes and interesting historical excursions make the museum visit both informative and pleasant.
    Stop is 8 hours.
  10. Day 10, June 14, 2021, Tuesday
    04.00 Arrival in Yakutsk
    05.00 Breakfast. Luggage check. Transfer to the airport. Departure from Yakutsk. One can stay aboard till 10:00 AM.

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