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Cruise from Krasnoyarsk to Putorana Plateau and Norilsk Featured

The route of this cruise goes from Krasnoyarsk to the nothern territories of Russia on the Yenisei river. Putorana Plateau is vast unpopulated area with great landscapes and nature.

Itinerary Krasnoyarsk – Dudinka – Putorana Pleteau – Norilsk
Dates 2022

16 – 25 July, 21 – 30 July, 28 July – 06 Aug., 02 – 11 Aug., 09 – 18 Aug., 15 – 24 Aug., 03 – 12 Sept.

Cruise ships «Valery Chkalov» passenger ship, «Alexander Matrosov» passenger ship


  1. Day 1
    09:30 AM meet a guide at the Krasnoyarsk hotel lobby
    10:00 AM Krasnoyarsk city tour
    Excursion to Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric station, «The Czar Fish» observation deck and embankment of Divnogorsk city.
    Excursion to memorial of Viktor Astafiev in Ovsyanka village. Viktor Astafiev was a prominent Soviet writer, the author of «Czar Fish» novel.
    Dinner in a hotel.
  2. Day 2
    Krasnoyarsk Pillars
    09:30 AM excursion to Stolby Nature Sanctuary (Krasnoyarsk Pillars ecological reserve).
    It was founded in 1925. Its area is 47 219 hectares. The park is famous for its complexes of rocks or pillars.
    Lunch in a hotel.
    Dinner in a hotel.
  3. Day 3
    Cruise starts!
    Early breakfast
    06:20 AM transfer to Krasnoyarsk port on Yenisei River
    Boarding, accommodation in twin cabins. There are 2 berths, wardrobe and washbasin in a cabin. Showers and toilets are in separate rooms.
    07:00 AM the ship leaves Krasnoyarsk Port.
    09:00 breakfast aboard
    The ship goes through Kazachinsky Rapid. Its length is 4 km; river bed is only 350 m wide here.
    02:00 PM lunch aboard
    The ship passes by the confluence of Angara and Yenisei Rivers called Strelka.
    07:00 PM dinner aboard.
    The ship comes to anchor in Yeniseisk town in 330 km from Krasnoyarsk.
    This town is called an open air museum for its architectural ensembles built in Siberian baroque style dated back to XVIII century.
  4. Day 4
    Yenisei villages
    Breakfast aboard
    Stop at Yartsevo village (1 hour). Kett Cossacks founded the village in 1605 and old believers still live here.
    Stop at Vorogovo village (1 hour).
    A small market appears when the ship comes to Yartsevo and Vorogovo villages. Locals sell their home-made food and «gifts of taiga forest» - mushrooms, fish, berries, mead and blackberry wine.
    Lunch aboard
    The ship goes through Osinovsky Rapid and passes by the third largest Yenisei tributary - Middle or Podkamennaya (Stony) Tunguska River, the place of the Tunguska event.
    Osinovsky Rapid is a canyon which bank-to-bank width is only 700 m, and ships have to pass it by turn.
    The ship goes down the River and passes by Osinovskie Shcheki that seem to be one of the picturesque places on Yenisei. Osinovskie Shcheki is a canyon with granite walls towering up to 50 meters.
    Dinner aboard
  5. Day 5
    Arctic Circle
    Breakfast and lunch aboard.
    The ship passes by Bor and Bakhta settlements.
    The next stop at Turukhansk town.
    Dinner aboard
    Late at night the ship crosses the Arctic Circle near Kureika River flowing to Yenisei.
  6. Day 6
    Breakfast and lunch aboard.
    The ship comes to anchor in Igarka town in 1330 km north from Krasnoyarsk.
    Igarka is located inside the Arctic Circle in continuous Permafrost zone.
    Sea ships going from Yenisei Gulf come to anchor in Igarka Port.
    There is an airport for air-freighters and small planes to take workers to oil fields.
    Excursion to Museum of continuous permafrost. It is the only museum in the world which ground floor is cut in permafrost soil.
    07:00 PM Dinner aboard
    09:00 PM Arrival in Dudinka.
    Transfer and accommodation in a hotel in twin rooms.
  7. Day 7
    Dudinka - Norilsk
    Excursion to Taymyr Regional museum.
    The unique part of museum’s collection are items that represent religious beliefs of Nganasans – indigenous people inhabiting the Taymyr Peninsula. Idols, amulets and shaman clothes are the most interesting ones.
    Dudinka town tour.
    Dudunka is the coldest (up to -57oC in winter) and the northernmost settlement (69°24'N) on the Earth.
    It is located on the right bank of Yenisei river at the confluence with Dudinka river.
    Transfer to Norilsk. Accommodation in «Talnakh» hotel in twin rooms. City tour of Norilsk. Dinner
  8. Day 8
    Putorana Plateau
    Early breakfast in the hotel.
    Transfer to river port, boarding a motor boat that goes up Norilka river to Lama Lake on Putorana Plateau.
    Putorana plateau is an area of step-like hills with deep and wide canyons between them. There are more than 25,000 lakes and waterfalls.
    The Putorana Nature Reserve, established in 1988, covers some 1,887,251 hectares. In July 2010, the Putorana Reserve was inscribed on the World Heritage List.
    Lama Lake seems to be the most beautiful and well known lake on Taymyr peninsula. It is of tectonic origin and is more than 100 million years old.
    Guided walk in a buffer zone of Putorana Nature reserve to South Neralakh waterfall, Vitaminka waterfall and viewpoint over Lama lake.
    Transfer back to Norilsk by motor boat. Transfer to the hotel. Dinner.
  9. Day 9
    Excursion to Krasnye Kamni (Red Stones) waterfall not far from Norilsk.
    Excursion to Talnakh subdistrict of Norilsk.

  10. Day 10.
    Check-out from a hotel.

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Price per person in RUB 2022

Tour with cruise in twin/ single cabin (private wash basin, shared shower and tiolet)
Extra payment (if needed):  
Single supplement in Norilsk (3 nights) 7500
Single supplement in Dudinka (1 night) 1200
Single supplement in Krasnoyarsk (2 nights) 2500
1-room cabin with private shower and toilet 15300
2-room cabin with private shower and toilet 17500

Services included:

- Permit for visiting Russian polar area for foreign citizens
- Accommodation in Norilsk, Krasnoyarsk and Dudinka hotels in twin rooms
- Accommodation in Yeniseisk hotel in twin and triple rooms
- River cruise in twin/ single cabin
- Transfers according to itinerary
- Transfer by motor boat from Norilsk to Putorana Plateau and back
- Full board
- Entrance fee in museums

Please pay attention all the groups are leaded by Russian speaking guide!
*guides with other languages are available upon request in Norilsk and Krasnoyarsk (extra payment)

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