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Maloye More (Small Sea)

66The Small Sea (Maloye More) is a part of Lake Baikal separated by the largest island Olkhon. The Small Sea is situated between the west coast of the lake and Olkhon Island. The length of the Small Sea is 76 km, its width is 17 km, the depth reaches 200 m and the territory is 90 square km. The Small Sea has 17 rocky islands. It is one the largest shallow parts of the lake very rich in fish. The biggest fish that lives in the waters of the Small Sea is sturgeon, such fish as omul, grayling, pollan are also known there, in the bays one can catch perch and pike. 

The climate at the Small Sea is very favorable for having rest. A peculiarity of the Small Sea climate is a complicated system of permanent winds. Their activity depends on the season. The strongest and the most awful wind is Sarma. In autumn its speed can reach 40 m per second. It was the Sarma wind that caused drowning of towed barges in which fishermen with their families went in 1902. Nowadays fishermen think that immovable clouds above the three-peaked top of Pribaikalskiy mountain ridge are a sign of the coming Sarma. As soon as there appears a small opening between the top of the mountain and the lower line of the clouds, this means that in half an hour a terrible wind will start blowing. The wind has got its name after the river Sarma. It is the largest river flowing into the Small Sea. Its length is 48 km and it is in this river’s valley the wind with the same name is formed. 

67Many fishermen come to the shores of the Small Sea in winter for a good catch. Ice-fishing is very popular. In summer the Small sea water warms up to + 19 + 21 °C, this attracts many tourists who come to swim, sunbathe, fish or just relax and enjoy the beauties of the Small Sea. There are many tourist centers offering lodging, food, excursions, and holiday activities. There are also many tent camps both unauthorized and organized.  The largest bay in the Small Sea is Moukhor Bay. It is a very picturesque place rich in fish and having sandy beaches. The length of the bay is 8 km and the depth is just 4-5 meters. Not far from Moukhor Bay there is the Sea Station (MRS in russian) or village Sakhurte. You can get from MRS to Olkhon Island by ferry.  

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