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Golden Ring of Baikal

8 days / 7 nights
The ship goes from southern to central parts of Baikal, visits western and eastern shores and covers about 600 km. You will see the most popular places on Baikal - Circum Baikal Railway, Peschanaya bay, Olkhon island, Ushkan islands and Chivyrkuy gulf.

Dates 2022: 15 - 22 July, 01 - 08 Aug., 11 - 18 Aug.

Itinerary Listvyanka – Circumbaikal Railway – Peschanaya Bay – Maloye More (The Small Sea) Strait - Olkhon Island – Chivyrkuy gulf – Maloye More
Dates 2021 15 - 22 July, 01 - 08 Aug., 11 - 18 Aug.
Cruise ships motor boat of the Yaroslavets type


     Cruise starts from Listvianka village, 70 km from Irkutsk. If you need a private transfer to Listvyanka please inform us.
    12.00 Boarding on cruise ship, accommodation at cabins of a ship. We start lake Baikal cruise. Departure to the Circumbaikal Railway (about 2 hours)
    Circumbaikal Railway is a unique specimen of engineer thought. 424 engineering structures were built in 1899-1902 including 39 tunnels and 50 galleries. The largest tunnel is situated at Polovinnaya station, its length is 778 meters. This railway section was called “The golden buckle of Russia’s steel belt”. Buckle – because it connected the Trans-Siberian Railway broken by Baikal; and golden– because  it exceeded all existing Russian railways by cost of works per km. Nowadays it is one of tourists’ favorite holiday places at Baikal.
    Lunch aboard. After lunch walking tour with a guide at Circumbaikal Railway to visit tunnels, galleries and Ulanovo station (1,5 km). Dinner aboard the ship. Overnight aboard the ship in one of Circumbaikal Railway bays or in Bolshiye Koty village, located 40 km from Circumbaikal Railway.
    The village Bolshiye Koty is located on the western shore of lake Baikal, 20 km from Listvianka village, at the territory of Pribaikalsky National Park. Bolshiye Koty is popular place for tourists from all over the world. There is a biological station of Irkutsk State University, aquarium of biological institute, museum of Baikal with 400 various exhibits and rich collection of insects.
    06.00 Departure to the Peschanaya bay, located  80 km from Listvyanka village.  
    Peschanaya Bay is rather a well-known place at Baikal; it is notable by its stilt root trees, the amount of sunny days and the beauty of landscapes.
    Breakfast and lunch aboard the ship 2 hours walking tour to the bay Sennaya, the cordon of Pribaikalskiy National Park. On the way you`ll visit one of the most beautiful bays of lake Baikal – Babushka bay. In the evening Russian banya on the shore of lake Baikal (is not included, extra payment to the guide).
    Dinner and overnight aboard the ship.
    Ship covers the distance of 100 kilometers (6 hours) today.)
    06.00 Departure from Sennaya bay to the north of lake Baikal, to the Olkhon island (8 – 10 hours)
    There are 26 islands on Lake Baikal, Olkhon Island is considered to be the biggest one. It is 72 km long and 15 km wide, the territory of the island is 730 square kilometers. Baikal is often called the blue heart of Siberia and Olkhon Island is the heart of Baikal. It is separated from the western lake shore by the strait of Olkhon Gates and by the Smaller Sea.
    Breakfast and lunch aboard the ship.
    On the way the ship will make a stop at the white-marble rock Saagan Zaba to see the petroglyphs dated back to 2nd thousand BC (if the weather won't be windy). The Petroglyphs are the original pearl of ancient culture and art of the people of Eastern Siberia.
    Lunch aboard the ship. A transition through the strait Small Olkhon Gate - the narrow passage between the Olkhon island and the continent.  Dinner aboard ship. Overnight aboard the ship  in one of the gulfs of Olkhon island. The distance covered is 120 kilometers  (8 hours).
    Breakfast and lunch aboard.
    The ship goes along Olkhon islanda from its southern tip to the nothern one. On the way we visit Ogoy island to see white Buddhist Stupa built in 2005 (if the weather will be good). 
    Dinner and overnight aboard the ship.  The distance covered is 150 km (10 hours)
    Early departure from Maloye More (Pokoyny cape). The ship crosses Baikal from western to eastern shore and arrives in Chivyrkuy gulf in the evening.
    The Pokoiny cape is located on the west coast of lake. This area is not touched by civilization. The archeologists find here traces of the ancient person`s settlements of — Russian, Tungus, Buryat.It is a very beautiful and closed from storms and winds gulf.
    The distance covered is 50 – 60 km (5-6 hours).
    Chivyrkouyskiy Bay is situated in the north-east of Lake Baikal. Its territory makes up 270 square km, the length is 26 km, the width is from 6 to 12 km, the depth of the bay reaches several tens meters. There are several coves in Chivyrkouyskiy Bay: Bezymyannaya, Okounevaya, Zmeinaya, Ogonskaya, Krokhalinnaya. Wonderful conditions for having rest, variety of landscapes, fishing facilities attract a lot of tourist to Chivyrkouyskiy Bay every year. 
    Breakfast aboard. Time at leisure in Chivirkuy gulf. Walking,  fishing, sun bathing.
    Departure to Bolshoy Baklany island (Big cormorant's). There are 7 islands in Chivirkuy, the Bolshoy Baklany island is the biggest one.
    Dinner and overnight aboard. The distance covered is 20-30 km (1-2 hours).
    Early departure from Chivirkuy gulf back to western shore.
    On the way we visit Ushkan Islands to see Baikal fresh water seal nerpa (extra pay 2000 RUB per person)
    Ushkan islands are situated in the central part of lake Baikal. There are three small islands – Tonkij (Thin), Dolgij (Long), Krouglij (Round), and one big island – Bolshoy Oushkaniy (Big one). The shores of the islands are rocky and covered by thick wood. Ushkan islands are known for the Baikal seals rookery. The fact of seals’ appearing at Baikal has not been completely studied yet but the scientists suppose that Baikal seal came to Baikal from the Arctic Ocean along the Yenissei River in the ice age.
    Lunch aboard the ship. In the evening return to Maloye More (Small Sea). Stop at Saraisky gulf near Khuzhir - the biggest settlement on Olkhon island. Walk to Burkhan cape. 
    The cape Burkhan is situated near settlement Khuzhir. A double-peak rock consists of crystalline limestone, covered by bright red lichens. In Rock Shamanka there is a through cave especially revered by Buryats. There used to take place shaman rituals and now a Buddha’s Altar has been established in it. In ancient times women were not allowed into the cave. Now the entrance is open for everybody but you shouldn’t forget that the spell of ancient shamans has always been effective. You shouldn’t profane the rocks with graffiti and broken bottle glass, bad words and thoughts.
    Excursion around  Khuzhir. Dnner and overnight aboard. Distance covered is 120 km (8-10 hours).
    Breakfast aboard.
    12.00 – 13.00 Landing in Sakhurte village (MRS) on the Small Sea or at the Olkhon island. Time of landing can be changed.

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Price per peson in RUB 2022

Standard cabins №№ 2, 4 for single use 98500
Standard cabins №№ 2, 4 for 2 persons 78000
Comfort cabins №№ 1, 5, 6 for single use 148000
Comfort cabins №№ 1, 5, 6 for 2 persons 107500
Comfort cabins №№ 1, 5, 6 for 3 persons 61500

What is included:
Full board (3 meals)
Snacks and beverages
Tea, coffee, chokolate, water
Excursions with a professional guide
Sauna aboard
Motor boat
Permits of National parks (exept Ushkan islands)

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