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Excursion to Ivolginsky Buddhist Temple, 3 hours

Ivolginsky Datsan  is the Buddhist Temple located in Buryatia, 30 km from Ulan Ude, near Verkhnyaya Ivolga village. TheDatsanwasopenedin 1945 as a Buddhist spiritual center of USSR. Since 1991 The Ivolginsky Datsan is the the residence of Bandido Khambo Lama - the leader of the Buddhists in Russia. Spiritual activity of the datsan is manifested in temple rites, medical practice, Buddhist education traditional system.

Buddhist university «Dashi Choinkhorling» was opened in 1991 attached to the datsan. Being a cultural and religion monument the Datsan is protected by the State. The Datsan Centre consists of such temples as Sockshin-gugan, Maidrin-sume, Devazhin and Sackhjusan-sume. There are also a library, hotel, the philosophic faculty - Choyra, building of the Buddhistic University - Dashy Choinhorlin, museum of monuments of Buryat art, sacred tumbs-suburgans, some service buildings and houses for lamas there. The best time to visit the monastery is between 9am and 11am, this way you will have a chance to see the monks in their morning prayers. The Ivolginsky Datsan usually attracts many pilgrims and tourist from all over the world.

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