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Helicopter tours

 Helicopter tour is the most impressive one. From the bird’s eye view one can see the earth as bare as the hand– we used to say often.


But these set phrases express heli tours quite well.
We can get to some remote places by helicopter that hard or impossible to reach by other transport.

Helicopters that can be used for flight or excursion are small helicopters of “Robinson”, “Bell”, and “Eurocopter” brands and large helicopter Mi-8.

Robinson”and Eurocopter models are designed for 4-6 passengers.
Mi-8 helicopter airliner contains up to 25 passenger seats. By the way, the manufacturer of helicopters with Mi index is Mikhail Leontievich Mil. He was born and spent his childhood in Irkutsk. All helicopters are limited by load and maximum flight range, it is a compulsory safety requirement in Russia.

The main helicopters locations are:

Irkutsk, Smolenschina Village of Irkutsk region (15 km from the center of Irkutsk) and Kurma Area (region of Maloe More, about 220 km from Irkutsk) and 40 km from Khuzhir Village, on Olkhon Island.

Estimated flight time on one way route:
Irkutsk – Shumak Base – 1 hour
Irkutsk – Listvyanka Village – 30 minutes
Irkutsk – Peschanaya Bay – 50 minutes
Irkutsk – MRS Village (Maloe More) – 1 hour 20 minutes
Irkutsk – Khuzhir Village, Olkhon Island – 1 hour 30 minutes
Popular places of departure for tours: Irkutsk, Listvyanka Village, Olkhon Island, coast of Babushka Bay, Peschanaya Bay, and Akademicheskaya Bay
The cost of transfer to takeoff: from 1500 roubles
Services of experienced tour guide: from 5500 roubles per excursion

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Price per 1 hour in RUB 2020, from

Robinson R-44 (up to 3 passengers) 40000
Eurocopter ЕС 120В (up to 4 passengers, Irkutsk) 60000
Eurocopter AS 350 (up to 5 passengers, Irkutsk) 65000
Eurocopter EC 130 (up to 6 passengers, 12 km from Irkutsk) 65000
Bell-206 Long Ranger (up to 6 passengers, 14 km from Irkutsk) 65000
Bell-206 Jet Ranger (up to 4 passengers, Kurma Village near Olkhon island) 55000
MI-8 (up to 22 passengers, Irkutsk) 165000

Shumak excursion

1-1.jpgShumak mineral springs are located at the height of 1650 m above the sea level in the valley of Shumak River, East Sayan Mountains.
This area is difficult of access. You can get to the Valley of 100 Springs by several ways:
•    2-3 days walk or horse-riding from Nilova Pustyn settlement (70 km). This route is for active tourists;
•    1 hour flight by helicopter.
During Shumak helicopter excursion one can enjoy the beauty of Tunka valley, famous for its alpine meadows, rivers Irkut, Kitoy, and Shumak, admire a big number of waterfalls and mountain lakes.
During the 4-hour stay in the valley of the Shumak River an experienced guide will show you the curative springs. In the vicinity of the mineral springs you can walk to a cascade of waterfalls on Mramorniy ream (the route is about 1 km long).

Program of Shumak helicopter excursion, 6 hours:

09.00 Departure from Irkutsk
10.00 Arrival in Shumak mineral springs
10.00-13.00 Trekking with an instructor in the valley of Shumak river to the curative mineral springs, tasting mineral water, visit to the Buddhist Datsan, taking radonic bath.
13.00-14.00 Lunch in a café of Shumak tourist camp
14.00 Departure from Shumak mineral springs
15.00 Arrival in Irkutsk

Visit nerpas on Ushkan Islands

shutterstock_428664361-1.jpgUshkan islands are the biggest Baikal seal rookery. There is equipped observation deck to watch nerpas, take pictures and not to fear the animals. As well the islands are known for great number of ant hills.
One way flight from Irkutsk is 2,5 hours. Recommended time of stay is 3 hours.
Extra pay is 2000 RUB per person as islands are the territory of national park.

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