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Samstag, 02 April 2016 10:57


Thanks again for organizing an excellent tour program for Martine and myself around Lake Baikal.

Donnerstag, 14 March 2013 04:39

Henry et Isabelle

Que soient salués aussi nos chauffeurs russes de Moscou et le pragmatique et plein d'humour Vladimir d'Irkoutsk, le professionnalisme d'Elena et la convivialité Yana et Julie à Ekaterinbourg, la passionnante Elena dans le parc de la vallée aux cerfs, l'éclatante Rada à Archan

Mittwoch, 23 October 2013 09:00


I want to thank you for all: everything was perfect and this is thanks to you. Also the girls I have met in both Irkutsk and Baikal lake were very nice and helpful.

Montag, 05 January 2015 08:58

Shi, Junhao

Thank you and Alexi for giving us such an unforgettable experience. We are so lucky to meet you and be in Russia in our life.

Sonntag, 20 July 2014 08:56


Just want to say thank you for organising our tours, we enjoyed them very much and learnt a lot too. The Baikal region is very beautiful.

Donnerstag, 24 July 2014 08:48

Claudia Langer

We have enjoyed each single moment. If we are forced to mention something not so good, we can only complain about the food and service in the hotel in Olchon. Thats it. The location and the hotel itself has been perfect.